•  Subjects taught at the primary school level include English,Arithmetic,General Awareness, Second Lanhuage(Hindi or English) and Moral Science. All languages are taught with a balanced emphasis on both the written as well as the spoken aspects.

  •  Computers.

    •  All students,(starting at the kindergarten level) have practical lessons on the computer.The aim is to ensure that by the time the child graduates from the primary section,they will have a working knowledge of word processing,multimedia and simple graphics .

  •  Homework and Tuition.

    •  It is the policy of the school that all work should be completed in school at the primary level. At the end of every day,one period is assigned where revision work is completed uder the supervision of the class teachers.Students who need extra tutorials are coached free of cost. After school hours, all children are encouraged to spend their free time reading and improving their language skills.

About Us

The Adroit knowledge school(AKS) was foundes under Amritraj Sushiladevi Education Society, Pali in order to provide quality education.